Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Craft - Dad's Caddy

  • Coffee can (or any large can with lid)
  • Magazines and/or Catalogs
  • Markers or alphabet stickers
  • Decoupage medium or diluted glue
  • Scissors
First of all, make sure any can you use is clean and dry. Page through magazines and catalogs and cut or tear out pictures of tools or anything else your dad will like. You can also use fancy, printed paper or photo copies of graphics you print off of your computer. Glue the pictures you chose all over the can. Cover the entire can. Use a marker or stickers to write a special message on your caddy, such as 'Daddy's Caddy'.
Once you have the can looking exactly how you want it, you can seal the design to protect it. To do this, simply use these decoupage techniques using either decoupage medium or diluted glue. Let the decoupage dry completely and then your can is done!


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