Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Game

Can you fool the leprechaun in search of the lost gold?  In this group game, players must put on their poker faces and use sleight of hand to keep a coin from a leprechaun's sight.
What You Need
  • Coin
  1. First select a leprechaun and have her cover her eyes or look away while you hand a coin to one of the other players. Then have all the players sit in a circle with the leprechaun standing in the middle.
  2. At "Go," the seated players begin slyly passing the coin around the circle, being careful to hide the coin from the leprechaun's view. The coin can reverse direction at any time, and players without the coin can pretend to pass it along to add to the challenge.
  3. When the leprechaun thinks she knows who has the coin, she calls "stop" and names her suspect. If the leprechaun guesses right, the 2 players switch places. If not, play continues.