Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memorial Day Craft - Paper Poppies

What You'll Need:

Red crepe paper
Green chenille stems
Large needle

In the spring, red poppies bloom on European battlefields where thousands of soldiers died.

Many veteran's organizations sell poppies to earn money for disabled vets. You can make your own crepe paper poppies.

To make each poppy, cut out three 4-inch circles of red crepe paper.

Lay the circles on top of each other, and ask an adult to help you use a needle to make two holes next to each other in the center (go through all the circles).

Put the end of a chenille stem through one hole, bend the chenille stem, and bring the end down through the other hole.

Twist the end around the long part of the chenille stem to secure it.

Pull the crepe paper petals slightly away from each other to form the poppy.


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