Monday, February 21, 2011

Make A Story With Your Fingertips

Lift up your Thumb – Name your character. Think Tom Thumb, Goldilocks, Harry, or any name in the world you want.  Remember, the story will happen to this character.
Then extend your Pointer Finger- The pointer finger points to the journey the character will take.    Decide where the character is going and very importantly, why?  Usually it’s something the character wants or needs. (Think finding a buried treasure, hero’s glory, or castles in Spain).  You will be amazed by your child’s suggestions.  Now the adventure begins!
The Pointer and Third Finger- Make a Scissors as the journey is cut off by a problem situation. What is the problem?  Does a fire-breathing dragon appear? Did we lose our way in a dark misty forest?  Now what do we do?
The Ring Finger – The ring finger reminds us that our main character owns a magical ring that gives wisdom about what to do, who to ask, or where to go, to find a solution to solve the problem.  Don’t give up now, your almost there!
The Little Finger- Comes at the end of our story to remind us of the little lesson we have learned from the stories adventure.  Ask your child what lesson the character learned by going on his journey.
Bonus TipA good way to start is to say to your child, “let’s play a game and make up a story together”.  Kids love to play games!   *provided by*


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