Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Literacy Center Ideas

Making Words
Students use teacher-selected magnetic letters to make words.  After making words, they determine the "mystery" word that can be made using all of the letters and sort the words for spelling patterns.

Short Vowel Picture Sort 
At this center students practice matching  pictures to vowel sounds.  After determining the short vowel sound, they must attempt to spell the word using what they know about CVC words.  Teaching students to recognize specific sounds helps them to spell more accurately in their everyday writing. Download Zip File

 Basket Writing
Students draw pictures of three objects out of a picnic basket file folder.  They have to come up with a creative story including all three objects.  The story must have a well-defined problem and solution.  This center is a favorite for room 10 students!

 Common or Proper NounsStudents use a spinner to practice the concept of common and proper nouns.  It is important that students learn the difference between the two types of nouns so that they capitalize the correct nouns in their writing.
Student Sheet
Spinner Template

Word Family Spinner Game
Spin one of the word wheels below.  They then use the worksheet to record words that can be made in the time the sand timer takes to empty.  The can use initial consonants or consonant blends to make words.  Students then read the words they have made.  They must cross out any words that other players also made.  They get a point for each word they make that no one else made. (You can purchase spinners to use with the wheels below.)
Spinner 1         Spinner 2           Spinner 3

Sticker Story
This is a favorite literacy center!  Place a bunch of old stickers and a story form in the tub.  Students select 3-4 stickers to incorporate into their own illustration.  Then, the students write a 3-5 sentence story that coordinates with their stickers.  The kids never get tired of this activity!!!

Clap A Word
This box contains a pair of gardening gloves, a variety of picture cards, and a recording sheet.  Students put on the gloves and pick a card.  They say the word, clap it, and then write the word and record how many syllables are in the word.  This a fun activity!  Encourage students to write the vowels in red or highlight them with another color.
Activity Sheet 

Treasure Chest Writing
This is a very high interest center!  Inside the tub is a small treasure box.  Add 4-5 different items to the box.  Students take out the items and write the word for each item on a recording sheet. Then, they use the words to write complete sentences.  Change out the items as the kids tire of the old items.  You can find these type of boxes usually at dollar stores!

Letter Writing
Students love to visit the letter center!  The tub contains all kinds of stationary and fun pens for writing letters or notes to friends, teachers, classroom pets, or family friends.  Students love to do this and it is great practice for improving writing fluency and mechanics.  

Scholastic News Response 
Don't throw away those old Weekly Readers or Scholastic News!  Laminate the big version if possible.  Then, students can visit the center to read one of the newspapers and respond to it.  Students can also use a marker to complete the activity on the back of the Weekly Reader. 

Build A Sentence
This box contains plastic word tiles I purchased at Walmart.  Students get to make sentences with the tiles. Then, they write and illustrate two of the sentences they created.  I also have flip charts that I will add to the tubs.  The flip charts focus on capitalization and punctuation.  Sometimes, I will add scrambled sentences written on either sentence strips or index cards.  Students love working with a partner to put the sentences together.  I heard recently that teachers have experienced trouble finding the word tiles at Walmart.  

Please share any center ideas in the comments that work for you! 


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