Monday, February 28, 2011

Go On An African Safari From Your Own Home

My first experience with Africam, a website which shows wild animals in the African safari live on webcams, was when I watched a herd of elephants gather their young to protect them from danger (click link to watch recorded video of this event).  I was instantly mesmerized while I watched such an amazing part of nature.  This moment is only something I have read about or watched on television that was recorded by professionals and edited.  To be a real-time observer of a moment that was happening on a different continent, on the other side of the world, right on my computer screen was simply amazing.  Nearly every day in my home, I switch to one of these webcams and let it run on my screen while I am doing housework or cooking dinner.  The sounds you can hear make you feel like you are really there.  It doesn't matter the time of day because the cameras are all equipped with night vision, so it is easy to see a wild animal anytime!

Nkorho Pans Webcam
Elephant Plains Webcam
Tembe Webcam
Watch all 3 in one screen

The Africam website provides recorded videos on demand of previous sightings!  If you become a fan on Facebook, you can see real-time alerts when animals are seen on any of the webcams.  The website also provides pages such as "Did You Know?" which is an information blog about the animals seen on the webcams.


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